What's up with male guinea pigs?​

Not all the time, but sometimes, male guinea pigs can be more territorial than females. This is especially true during their adolescent and young adult ages -- anywhere from 3 months to 1 year old. Their hormones are in full swing and they are in the phase of either challenging the dominant male or asserting their role in the social order. We can help them get along better by providing what they need to be happy during this time. These are not guaranteed solutions but can go a long way towards helping to keep the peace and weathering the little storms. :)

Female guinea pigs aren't immune to aggression. They may get testy about every two weeks as well. It's a good idea to apply at least some of these techniques for them, too. If you are having trouble with two diva females, then take this advice to heart -- it's the same issue.

Important Considerations​

    Make sure your males (typically 2) have a big enough cage
    (2x41 grid absolute MINIMUM, 2x5 grid RECOMMENDED)
    Make sure there are cozies or hideys available with an entrance and exit. Avoid single entrance hideys exclusively. Pigloos are a particularly bad choice for males.
    Provide ample enrichment and get away options. Upper levels are encouraged.
    Pay close attention to proper cage arrangement.

Product Recommendations​

Here is a list of the kinds of products that we recommend for male guinea pigs.
  • TWO Fleece Forests
  • Soft Tunnels
    Magic Muff
    Tunnel of Fun
  • Hard Tunnels
    Critter Hollow
    Tropical Log Tunnel
  • Corner Cabin
  • Hideys/Cozies
    Flippin' Fun Futon

GRIDS are BIGGER than FEET. Grids are 14"" square. For example, a 2x4 grid cage is 2.5' x 5' (or 30"" x 60""), providing 10.5 square feet of internal cage space.

Lots more info coming soon!