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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the grids go on the bottom of the cage?
No. Just the perimeter for an open (non-cat or dog-proof) cage. A 2 grid by 4 grid cage uses 12 grids and 24 connectors. You'll always run out of connectors before you run out of grids!

What if I run out of connectors?
You can use the plastic-cable ties. You may want to use more than two per grid connection for stability. You can order more online from the sources mentioned on the C&C page.

Is the plastic on the bottom of the cage?
Yes. You will make a 5 sided box. 4 sides plus the bottom.

Will the piggies chew on the edge of the plastic?
Maybe. If you have chewers (our experience is only about 5 to 10% of piggies like to chew the edges), then see the chew prevention techniques on the C&C Options page.

Will the corners or edges leak?
With absolutely no bedding, if you poured a glass of water (or urine) in the corner, then yes, you would get some leakage. However, with any kind of bedding, be it CareFresh, pelleted bedding, wood chips/shavings, towels, rugs, newspapers, sheets, etc. -- you shouldn't experience any leakage. There is only one tiny spot in each of the corners that isn't sealed, and that is where the flaps are overlapped to form the box. Otherwise, this design is made from a continuous sheet of plastic. That's part of why clean up is such a snap. It shouldn't be a problem. However, if your guinea pigs use the corner exclusively for their 'business,' you may need to seal it. See the Options page for suggestions.

Will they jump out?
The sides of the C&C cage are HIGHER than the sides of the standard SuperPet cage (14" as compared to 12.5"). IF you have males next to females in a divided cage, you should put a top over that section to make sure that a highly motivated male doesn't manage to climb or jump over. If you have young, aggressive, or very curious guinea pigs, then you should put a top on the cage, just to be safe. The very vast majority of guinea pigs will not want to jump or escape out the cage, because they don't need or want to.