I've posted a few times about my fleece not wicking. Well, after a few more washings (including using vinegar and switching detergents), the water is no longer pooling on top of the fleece. It is soaking into the fleece, and into the absorbent layer underneath. I assume this means it's working, but I thought that the water would be pulled through the fleece and the fleece would be dry fairly quickly. I'm finding that although the water is being soaked into the fleece and I can feel it in the UHaul pads underneath, the fleece is still wet for quite a while.

I'm fine if this is the way it's supposed to work, but I just didn't know if I should be washing it a few more times, or if it's all set to go now. For what it's worth, I think I've washed them about 8 times now!

Thanks!!! Getting our piggies on Tuesday, I think!!! So excited!!!!!