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  1. Guinea Pigs I've had in the past (for thread: "How Long do they Live?" 14-7-2012)

    It is useful to have real data, so I will put mine down.

    Pinky - f - from birth - 5 years - CnC indoor/pine shavings/Oxbow hay and pellets and outdoor run - runt/genetic
    JoJo - f - from birth - 6-7 years - same conditions - heat stroke
    Spike - f - from birth - 6-7 years - same conditions - heat stroke
    Black Scooter - m - from birth - 7 years - same conditions - old age
    Sammy - m - from birth - 7 years - same conditions - old age (alpha male)
  2. Oxbow Timothy Treats

    My guinea pig did not like these. I bought them at a humane society in New York and tried them. My guinea pigs avoided them and not even Miranda (My least picky pig) would touch them. In my opinion they were a waste of $5 when I just couldve gotten them more Orchard grass (which they love) instead.
  3. Craigslist Ad

    I was up late last night looking through Craigslist to kill sometime and I saw an a listing from the 15th titled "Free Pair of Guinea Pigs." I clicked on the ad and all it said was "Pair of male guinea pigs. Cream color. 7 inches long." There weren't any pictures, so I'm sure the person didn't care what happened to the pigs.

    I wanted to get the pigs and foster them so they wouldn't end up in some horrible place, so we emailed and texted the lister today like the ...
  4. Guinea pig funny

    It was time for my apartment's yearly inspection today, and after the guy came through and tested all the smoke-detectors, he asked me if those were guinea pigs I had in the second bedroom. I told him yes and he asked if I sheer them and spin their fur into yarn.

    I was half-tempted to say "Of course I sheer my short-haired guinea pigs; their fur makes the plushiest sweaters!"

    Non-guinea pig people have no idea of the secret world of guinea pig owners
  5. Traveling with my guinea pig.

    I have looked up a lot of information on traveling with your piggy but I'm still not quiet sure if it is safe, or even a good idea to do so. I am thinking of moving to my boyfriend's apartment, but the thing is that he lives about 8+ hours from where I currently live. I only have one piggy, she would be traveling with my dog (not in the same cage/carrier of course). She hasn't traveled much, so I know that I would have to go at it slowly. Any information given is appreciated.
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