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  1. Training With The Piggies

    Thanks to @ClicknCavy I have decided to begin clicker training my piggies, though I have a feeling that Eggs wouldn't respond well to it quite yet because he's just so skittish.

    Anyway, I have begun training with Bacon and he is a wonderful, intelligent piggy. It is so amazing what you discover about your guinea pigs when you begin their training! At first, I wondered if Bacon's love for food would be distracting, a downfall for training, but it ended up being ...
  2. Small pet select 2nd cut Timothy hay review!

    I am so exited that my Small Pet Select package came! I got a big box of 2nd cut Timothy hay!
    This hay is amazing and i have been wanting it for a while I seriously wanted to get the third cut but my dad literally said that we would spoil my piggie too much Because if we ever had to get some hay from the pet store like if the next package didn't come yet Domino would not eat the pet store hay But Domino is LOVING his second cut Timothy hay! He has been munching quite a lot since ...

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  3. 3 Years of Guinea Pigs

    Today is the third anniversary of the day I brought tiny, nervous Zelda home from the animal shelter in a little cardboard box. Now I have two 2x5 cages and five fat guinea pigs. Here's Zelda today, napping like the contented boss piggy that she is:
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    Also today, my brother sent me a message saying someone found guinea pigs running loose at the college he goes to. It made me sad, kind of angry, and kind of tempted to drive 22 hours up there to go get them ...
  4. Meddlesome Parents...

    My new pigs are settling in pretty well, but breaking their bad habit of bar-chewing is not going well. They have pretty much figured out that bar-chewing only makes me come over and pet them or pick them up, which they aren't the biggest fans of, but they know something else: My parents are not me. They will hand out cilantro and carrots to whiny, bitey pigs. It's really frustrating, especially since now I have no idea how many vegetables the pigs are eating anymore. I tell my parents to ignore ...
  5. A Heartwarming Story

    I have a guinea pig named Milton. I actually rescued him when he was a baby. The owner got the pig for their kid and then the kid didn't want it. It didn't care for it anymore so they dropped it off in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in front of a rescue. Of course it wasn't warm outside. I don't know how he made it through the night but he did. He was in a box. Which was soaked in his urine and he had poop everywhere. NO food. NO water. No nothing. So the rescue took him in and cared for him. When he got ...
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