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  1. Ichabod's Story

    It all started with a random text to my friend about ever after high of all things (but hey it's okay for a 26-year-old to like that), anyways she texted me back and right after sent me a text asking if I needed any "ginnies?" I figured she meant guinea pig but I clarified anyway. She works at the local humane society and they had six guinea pigs that a breeder brought in....IN A BUCKET... At least the humane society had cages to put them in. My initial reply was that I wasn't planning ...
  2. Piggies got no hay.. :(

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    We ran out of hay! pay day is Thursday so they should be fine.. right
  3. Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs!

    After hours of research on not only guinea pig care but also the animals themselves, i've discovered a lot of cool things about these amazing creatures. So without further a due, here are some of my favorite guinea pig facts!

    1. Guinea pigs were a large part in the contribution to the discovery of Vitamin C! As many of us know, it's essential for us to add vitamin C into our piggies' diet. That's because like human beings, guinea pigs aren't able to naturally produce this Vitamin. ...

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  4. Guinea Pig products for Little to no money

    Maybe you are getting a new guinea pig or you already have some Well I am going to give you a list of things you can use

    1. My favorite product is Doggie waste bags at the dollar tree. There great for spot cleaning if you don't use a vacuum.

    2. A Hay Bag, I made mine out of old jeans it's very simple and you don't really need to be an expert sewer.

    3. If you need ...

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  5. Pet store cages are entirely too small

    I still have the cage that Mable's previous owners kept her in and the cage that Chicken and Waffles' previous owners kept them in; I use them as temporary cages for when I do a full cage change. The pigs are only in them for 30 minutes while we change out the cages, but they manage to pee everywhere in them. Tonight, I was measuring those 2 cages to make a liner for them so the pigs wouldn't have to be on wet newspaper when I do a full cage change out.

    I was shocked at how small they ...
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