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  1. Nail Clipping and Coroplast Biting

    My two new piggies are horrible little coroplast munchers! They've figured out what times of the day they can expect vegetables and if they don't get them fast they try to chew their way out of the cage. I bought something to cover the edges of the coro with, and it works really well... the parts I've been able to force on so far, anyway. Maybe this plastic is a little too heavy duty.

    Today I also clipped the new girls' nails for the first time. I noticed both girls have calluses on ...
  2. Cages Are DONE!

    I got up at around 8:30 this morning, and by 1 p.m. I finished my new cages!
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    The girls are all super confused and keep running and hiding whenever they hear the other pigs moving on the other level, but soon I think they will be happier in these spacious cages! My only issue with them so far is the amount of Carefresh bedding I have to put in them. My 2X4 cage used about half a bag of bedding, but somehow these 2X5 cages take 3/4 of a bag each (That's $30 ...
  3. New Pigs and New Cages

    Last week, on the 17th, I adopted two more guinea pigs from the Animal Shelter! I hadn't been planning on getting any more pigs for a while, but I saw a video of these girls on a friend's Facebook and fell in love. They looked so sweet and well behaved with the shelter volunteer!

    Their names at their previous home were Lilly and Ellie. I am keeping Lilly's name, but Ellie's name will change since I already have an Elli. Several people have suggested "Daisy," and it ...
  4. Training Bailey and Mocha

    Bailey: So far we've been working on tricks. shes very responsive and after 3 days she knows most. i only have to say it once or just do a gesture. Her best ones are: Paw (paw in hand) Up (stretch and reach) Up up (stand up) spin (turn around), sit (sit up with her paws in a begging form) and climb. Shes reall responsive but refuses to do it with an audience. I'm glad that after three days shes learned tho.

    Mocha: Mocha knows a few tricks after 2 days of training. Her best ones are: ...
  5. accidents double post, saving this block for later

    Accidental double post, saving for later

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