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  1. Cages Are DONE!

    I got up at around 8:30 this morning, and by 1 p.m. I finished my new cages!
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    The girls are all super confused and keep running and hiding whenever they hear the other pigs moving on the other level, but soon I think they will be happier in these spacious cages! My only issue with them so far is the amount of Carefresh bedding I have to put in them. My 2X4 cage used about half a bag of bedding, but somehow these 2X5 cages take 3/4 of a bag each (That's $30 ...
  2. New Pigs and New Cages

    Last week, on the 17th, I adopted two more guinea pigs from the Animal Shelter! I hadn't been planning on getting any more pigs for a while, but I saw a video of these girls on a friend's Facebook and fell in love. They looked so sweet and well behaved with the shelter volunteer!

    Their names at their previous home were Lilly and Ellie. I am keeping Lilly's name, but Ellie's name will change since I already have an Elli. Several people have suggested "Daisy," and it ...
  3. Training Bailey and Mocha

    Bailey: So far we've been working on tricks. shes very responsive and after 3 days she knows most. i only have to say it once or just do a gesture. Her best ones are: Paw (paw in hand) Up (stretch and reach) Up up (stand up) spin (turn around), sit (sit up with her paws in a begging form) and climb. Shes reall responsive but refuses to do it with an audience. I'm glad that after three days shes learned tho.

    Mocha: Mocha knows a few tricks after 2 days of training. Her best ones are: ...
  4. accidents double post, saving this block for later

    Accidental double post, saving for later

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  5. Training Hershey: Part 2 (Plus, Bonus Song!)

    Today is day 16 of training my little piggy, and I couldn't be more proud!

    After about a week of little to no progress, I think it has clicked. She will now stand on her hind legs about 25% of the time... ON COMMAND. Without any food bribes, hand gestures, etc. Just the word. I'm so happy! Of course, there won't be 100% success in the beginning, but we're getting there.

    I think a key element is the environment. Up until a few days ago, I had been holding training sessions ...
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