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  1. Guinea Pig products for Little to no money

    Maybe you are getting a new guinea pig or you already have some Well I am going to give you a list of things you can use

    1. My favorite product is Doggie waste bags at the dollar tree. There great for spot cleaning if you don't use a vacuum.

    2. A Hay Bag, I made mine out of old jeans it's very simple and you don't really need to be an expert sewer.

    3. If you need ...

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  2. Pet store cages are entirely too small

    I still have the cage that Mable's previous owners kept her in and the cage that Chicken and Waffles' previous owners kept them in; I use them as temporary cages for when I do a full cage change. The pigs are only in them for 30 minutes while we change out the cages, but they manage to pee everywhere in them. Tonight, I was measuring those 2 cages to make a liner for them so the pigs wouldn't have to be on wet newspaper when I do a full cage change out.

    I was shocked at how small they ...
  3. Cherry

    Last month, I posted about Cherry losing so much weight due to what we thought were overgrown teeth. We took her in for a molar trimming, and as it turned out, she actually has a deformity in her tongue which is why she was only able to eat mash and couldn't eat solid food well. The vet did a very light planning of her molars that day.

    Cherry is doing so good! The molar trimming really helped her; she's learned to eat hay by using the side of her mouth and is steadily gaining weight ...
  4. 14 free Uhaul pads

    I went to the Uhaul store in town the other day to see if they had any of the recycled denim pads. Since the University of Iowa campus is downtown, all the students are getting ready to move back and Uhaul had stocked up on moving supplies. There were piles of rental furniture pads sitting outside, so we talked to an employee asking if we could have the old rentals when they were ready to throw them away. The employee said he would talk to his manager and get back to us.

    We didn't ...
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  5. Pneumonia...How long after recovery should you wait until putting back with others?

    Hello fellow guinea pig lovers

    My little chap Rusty(2yrs) fell ill on Saturday 19th July and I rushed him to the vets on the Sunday. He had trouble breathing and the vet said it was pneumonia and prescribed Baytril also giving him two injections.

    After finishing his seven days of Baytril he's making a good recovery and showing an interest in his veg but not eating an awful amount of his pellets. He has been drinking a little but I am still syringe feeding him with water ...
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